Cultivate Resilience

Over the past 40 years the use of mindfulness as a non-drug, evidence-based stress reduction modality has become mainstream.

Mindfulness is taught increasingly in the medical, business, sports, military, education and government sectors with a wide range of positive results such as:

improves job performance; reduces compassion fatigue and burnout; aids in management of stress and pain; helps with anger management and emotional balance, self-care and self-regulation; aid in reversing chronic stress-related symptoms; decreases cortisol; calms inflammation and lowers blood pressure; enhances the immune system; improves communication skills and enhances sleep quality and what Rick Hanson, PhD calls the "hormones of happiness" - dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and melatonin.

The beauty of mindfulness is that it's a simple to learn on-the-spot practice that you can use wherever you go so you don't have to go on a vacation or to the gym to experience peace of mind. Mindfulness training teaches us to use our awareness in the present moment in a manner that supports our mind, body and emotions to flow and thrive. Like working out, the more you practice the more it becomes a default mode that imparts resilience to our everyday life.

Mindfulness is not a cure-all yet has the potential to aid in the healing process along with other healthy lifestyle components such as diet, exercise, sleep hygiene, social support network, and routine medical and behavioral healthcare.


My own journey with mindfulness began in1983 with a dare that 'I could never keep my mouth shut long enough to sit in meditation for 12 days in noble silence' and the rest is history. Over 4 decades mindfulness has become my default mode for handling stress. It especially helped me early in life to handle the grief from my mother's death from cancer and as I aged it's been an invaluable tool to navigate raising a family, caring for aging parents and for personal healing with a case of chronic eczema and recovery from injuries such as a ruptured cervical disc and a torn meniscus.


I enjoy teaching mindfulness to both individuals and groups and maintain a lending library to aid in integrating mindfulness into daily life.


Sessions are held at the Prairie House overlooking the prairie and Lake Sinissippi conveniently located 50 minutes equidistant between Milwaukee and Madison. 


For appointments please contact:

Laurie Sullivan

Mindfulness Coach

(414) 690-3464